Knowledge Centers


Applied Knowledge

Reflecting our unique real learning approach, Nova School of Business and Economics' Knowledge Centers bring cutting-edge, practical thought leadership to our key stakeholders. They deliver pioneering, original and agenda-setting research, generated in close collaboration between NOVA faculty, research teams and partner organizations.

  • Nova Finance Center - The NOVA Finance Center is a Knowledge Center that brings together the human resources and the activities developed in the Finance area of Nova School of Business and Economics. Its aim is to strengthen the cooperation between the school and industry through better research and education in finance. Know more
  • Nova Economics - Nova SBE is particularly noted for its openness to multidisciplinary research. This is an essential endeavor with the faculty members, who push the frontiers of fundamental human knowledge in economics. For its intensity, quality and impact, Nova SBE has gained reputation worldwide. Know more
  • Leadership Knowledge Center - The LKC mission is to develop and transfer theoretical and applied knowledge related to leadership and organizational studies. We assume that effective organizations have a firm interest in developing people, organizations and societies in the human, economic, and environmental realms. The center aims to contribute to corporate and societal development via its research-based approach to leadership processes and leadership development. Developing powerfull minds is LKC's motto. Know more
  • Nova Healthcare Initiative – Research (NHI) is Nova SBE’s research unit and knowledge center for Health Economics, Health Management, Health Policy, and Public Health. It produces and disseminates scientific knowledge with the aim of being useful to Society and contributing to well-informed and well-reasoned decision-making. Know more
  • NOVAFRICA - NOVAFRICA is a knowledge center created by the Nova School of Business and Economics of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Its mission is to produce distinctive expertise on business and economic development in Africa. A particular focus is on Portuguese-speaking Africa, i.e., Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and Sao Tome and Principe. Know more