Event Organization

Event Organization

Bringing alumni together

While Nova makes the very best use of online technology to keep the whole community in contact, little can replace actually bringing people physically together for reunions, social events, corporate meetings or even academic conventions.

We at Nova encourage alumni themselves to get involved in the organization of such events. Below is some practical advice, depending on the type of event they may have in mind.

  • Promotion – the school is available to help give visibility to an event in the build-up, via the Nova Alumni website, the alumni newsletter and Nova-managed social networks.
  • Using school facilities – several lecture theaters and ballrooms can be reserved on campus at no extra cost in order to host the event in question.
  • Inviting school staff – the school is on hand to invite school staff and/or faculty, according to the target public(s) for an event
  • Contacting other alumni – if alumni are unable to track down certain contacts via the currently available online tools then the school can support them in trying to put them in contact with their fellow alumni via other channels.
  • Catering & Media Coverage – catering for the event itself and post-event coverage can also be provided. Catering will be charged but post-event coverage (newsletter, online news, photo or video gallery) are offered free of charge.

If alumni have an event they wish to organize and want to know how to begin preparations, contact the Alumni Relations Office.