João Medeiros - BSc' 93

João Medeiros

 He was born in 1975. He had a training base in mathematics, and he graduates in Economics in 1998 at Nova with distinction.

 He worked from 1999 to 2003 at the Instituto Nacional de Estatística, in the area of family income and social inclusion. In addition to his work on socio-economic research, he has also dedicated to the study of Astrology, Psychology and Esoteric areas for several years.
In 2003, after having complemented his studies at the Academia de Estudos Astrológicos, he dedicated himself  in full-time to the astrological activity, covering professional consultancy and training, establishing his own Astrology course and  created some thematic workshops.
 In 2004, he published the book Oceano Ascendente - Ciclos Astrológicos de Portugal' (Editora Pergaminho).
In 2006, he  began teaching Astrology in a Portuguese University -Instituto Superior das Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (I.S.C.T.E)  - with its independent course.
In 2008, he graduated in Organizational Constellations. 
In addition to the Astrology he is an intensive Yoga praticant, Soul Reading therapist certificate, creator of a Tarot, Reiki therapist, and Surfer.
Currently, his main research focuses on the symbolic, astrological and psychological approach to the human life cycle, following the holistic thinking line of the astro-philosopher Dane Rudhyar, the main reference in this area.
The CEIA - Centro de Estudos e Inovação em Astrologia was created by him, in 2007, following his work in this privileged area of human knowledge.
The ultimate goal of CEIA is to contribute to a more evolved society, healthy, intelligent, and that is part of a knowledge that enhances the full creativity of all individual and collective agents.


Vera Pinto Pereira - BSc '92


Vera Pinto Pereira

Is the new general manager of Fox International Channels for Portugal & Spain. Congratulations and lots of success!

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Luis Pedro Martins - MBA '2010

Luis Pedro Martins


Founder and CEO of the startup ZAASK  is on the way of internationalization with the opening of the first office in Madrid. Congratulations!

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