Hear from the Nova SBE Fellows

Raúl Galamba, MBA ’89, challenged Nova School of Business & Economics to launch a merit-based scholarship to award the best MSc talent in the school. Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence celebrates not only academic excellence, but also proven contribution to society (sports, social causes, entrepreneurship). The program is a talent development platform where fellows are awarded a scholarship and the opportunity to attend a set of activities to leverage their potential and their inspiring contribution to society and the world.

Hear from the 1st generation of Nova SBE Fellows:



The future of our world, of our society, depends on the skills, the values, and attitude we develop in the young generations. This program attracts, trains, and develops young talent to have a responsible impact in the organizations, in our society, and in the world in general. Meet the 2017/2018 Nova SBE Fellows, their background and aspirations and be inspired by how much they accomplish and how they manage to change the world with their deeds.

The Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence promotes an ecosystem where energy and creativity turn into deeds, setting the foundations of a future that is based on the values of openness, worldliness, and connectivity that define Nova School of Business & Economics’ mission and inspire students to foster creativity, responsibility and most of all their own talent.