Welcome to the Alumni Club!


Today, we have a responsibility to be braver, to be stronger, to be who we are despite the World’s challenges – to do better.

We are a group coming together with a purpose - to create something bigger than ourselves - to look forward and improve people’s lives.

We are a diverse community of bold people committed to changing the World with the help of each other.
We are the goodhearted, the volunteers, the friends, the partners, the doers, the self-driven; we are the changemakers of tomorrow.

Let’s build a bright future together.


We aim to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection among Nova SBE Alumni, between Alumni and current students, between Alumni and the school, and between Alumni and society.

With this mission, the Alumni Club is responsible for developing initiatives to promote the network of members and ensure their connection with the school.

As Alumni of Nova SBE, we belong to a proud and valuable community.


After deep reflection, with the help of McKinsey and steered by a group of Alumni, we decided to launch the Nova SBE Alumni Club. Nova SBE Alumni Club is governed by a Supervisory Board, responsible for the club’s guidelines as well as the election of the Executive Committee.

Meet our Supervisory Board of 30 Alumni, and the team of 5 Executive Committee members.
None of this would be possible without our network of Class Ambassadors. Meet them.


We are celebrating our Nova SBE memories together at the Alumni Party ’17 next December 21st.

You really don’t want to miss this opportunity to party and say goodbye to our beloved Campolide Campus.

Register and join the Facebook event. Make sure your colleagues are coming too!