Maria Mota Fernandes: collecting socks to help refugees in Calais

After finishing her undergraduate degree, Maria Mota Fernandes (Bsc in Economics ’12) spent a month volunteering in a refugee camp known as The Jungle, in Calais, France.

“Like the first 30 seconds at the camp, I remember I was quite scared and shocked at the conditions where those people were living…but took me 30 seconds to realize that I was there for them.”, said Maria describing her first contact with the refugees. 

maria2After 1 month in Calais, Maria decided to change her field of study and she is now taking a Master Degree in International Humanitarian Action. Following her experience in Calais, she decided to create a solidarity campaign - Meia no Pé para Calais - to raise socks for refugees living there.

The former camp was demolished last year, but there are still people living in Calais (and aiming to reach the UK). At the moment, about 700 refugees are living there, and more than 120 are unaccompanied minors. The idea is to collect socks until September 20th and then take them there!

For that, they NEED SOCKS and financial support to travel to Calais.

To contribute visit the fundraising campaign here.