Connecting powerful business minds

The Nova School of Business and Economics alumni community currently comprises over 12 000 businessmen and women living and working across the globe. However, whether they be today in Portugal, a nearby European country or on another continent, the bond with their alma mater school remains as strong as ever.

Whilst we are very proud of the diverse career trajectories and geographical directions that our alumni have taken, this working reality makes it all the important that we keep our community connected, through professionally-oriented and also social events and by the advantages that modern technology offers us to remain in touch across borders.

On campus, our Corporate & Alumni Relations team works hand-in-hand with motivated companies and former students keen to continue working with the school in a number of capacities, be it purely social, focused on recruiting or giving back to Nova SBE in one of the various ways available. The knock-on effect of this partnership between the school and its alumni is to strengthen the renown and prestige of our institution through the impressive career paths taken by its alumni.

A number of online channels complement the physical events organized either at Nova or in one of the 50 countries in which our alumni now live and work. To take full benefit of the services on offer, we encourage all alumni to create their own online alumni profile via the login section and to enjoy the journey through the many resources available within. Alumni can also visit and join the main Nova SBE alumni social network groups here.

The Nova SBE alumni community has never been more widespread but, at the same time, connected as it is today.