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Alumni Club

Nova SBE Alumni Club - Together, we are building the future

Welcome to Nova School of Business and Economics Alumni Club!

We are a group coming together with a purpose - to create something bigger than ourselves - to look forward and improve people’s lives.+

Our memories build the future

  • ana pinheiro salgado
  • joao rafael brites
  • francisca vermelho
  • antonio trinca
  • tiago melo
  • pedro santa clara
  • ines jesus
  • NovaSBE andre resende
  • NovaSBE joao forjaz trigueiros
  • NovaSBE TeresaPedroso
  • NovaSBE nuno couceiro
  • NovaSBE NunoVazDaSilva
  • NovaSBE FilipaAlmeida
  • NovaSBE DianaBasilio
  • NovaSBE EduardoMarquesFerreira
  • NovaSBE FilipaDias
  • NovaSBE FernaoCabral
  • NovaSBE LuisMartinez
  • NovaSBE MargaridaFezasVital
  • NovaSBE JoaoPrata
  • NovaSBE NunoClemente
  • NovaSBE InesRuvina
  • NovaSBE FranciscoFartoEAbreu